Case Study for Ramadan Scholarship Selection (Qara’a Digital Academy)


A prompt of case study in Indonesian language
Image 1.0. Prompt Screenshot
  • Add a charity schedule based on user choice (Example: Sunnatul fajr prayer, fasting Monday) or create user own charity schedule (Example: Recite 1 juz per day, helping parents)
  • Charity reminder notification
  • Check the charity that has been done and progress in a day
  • Prayer times and adhan
  1. How do you get users to immediately understand the Bajik application without having to try these features first and what do you need to implement?
  2. What are the design aspects that need to be implemented to make a Bajik application look Islamic?


Bajik is an application that is being developed with the aim of reminding users to do practices or worship according to a schedule. The features contained in the Bajik application include: adding charity schedules, custom charity schedules, charity reminder notifications, charity checklists, prayer schedules and also the call to prayer schedule.

Research Goal

  • Users understand the Bajik application without needing to try the features in it
  • The Bajik application displays a user interface design with an Islamic feel
  • The features in the Bajik application help users remember the charity to be performed.

Research Hypothesis / Assumption

  • Users don’t understand the Bajik application without trying its features
  • The Bajik application does not apply design elements with Islamic nuances
  • The features in the Bajik application help users remember the charity

Research Current Apps

  1. Yaumi Apps
  • User Interface
Image 1.1. Yaumi Apps Home Page
Image 1.2. Yaumi Apps Mutaba’ah Page
Image 1.3. Yaumi Apps Package Activity Page
Image 1.4. Yaumi Apps Prayer Time
  • User Research
  • User Interface
Image 1.4. Ibadah Evaluation Apps
Image 1.5. Ibadah Evaluation Apps
Image 1.6. Ibadah Evaluation Apps
  • User Research


  1. Using a user guide in the form of an onboarding application
Image 1.7. Upwork
Image 1.8. Examples of Tooltip
Image 1.9. Examples of Tooltip
  • Bajik application design aspects to have an Islamic feel
Image 1.9. Color Palette
Image 1.10. Color Palette



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